Portable Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems vs. Permanent  Fixtures

portable wireless burglar alarmEvery day somebody somewhere moves. They take their furniture, their clothes, their art and appliances, but rarely are they able to take their home alarm system. Why? More often than not, the system is attached to their wall. That’s the beauty of a wireless burglar alarm; you can take it wherever you go.

At LaserShield Systems, Inc., we know the benefits of owning a wireless burglar alarm. This wireless security system provides your home or business with the same or higher level of security than a permanent fixture, and:

  • It can be set up in 3 minutes or less
  • It eliminates installation or programming
  • It doesn’t require tools, ladders, screws, double sided tape, or silicon glue and complicated manuals
  • Since installation isn’t necessary, securing your new home with a wireless burglar alarm is fast and easy
  • Consoles with keypads are intimidating to retail consumers because they look challenging

When you’re moving to a new home or office location, you want to be sure you have protection for your family and business. Keep intruders at bay with an effective and reliable wireless burglar alarm system by LaserShield.

Contact us today at 877-900-4343 to learn more about how our wireless burglar alarm system can protect your family.